sábado, 16 de enero de 2010

The earthquake in Venezuela and the Soufriere volcano explosions on the Caribbean

First an earthquake in Honduras, the day after the worst earthquake to hit Haiti in 200 years and now another earthquake measuring 5.6 degrees in Venezuela. But there is something else many people don’t know. In Saint Vincent Island in the Caribbean Sea there is a volcano, the Soufrière on Montserrat that is having a lot of activity lately; it has been small explosions on January 8th and January 10th with new dome growth. It’s the Caribbean area about to explode? I hope not. Are the Bible prophecies from Revelation unfolding right now?

I can imagine Chavez and the left wing that follows him blaming the U.S. imperialism. Will he accept American aid? Who knows, I do not think so, because all these populist dictators, like Castro Chavez an so on, the least thing they care about is the people, that's just an excuse to gain power.

According to reports the earthquake in Venezuela was not as severe as that of Haiti. However this earthquake was also near the sea, near the Caribbean coast, which always adds the danger of creating a tsunami. Do the plates are starting to move faster around the Caribbean sea? Who knows but Soufrière volcano is “nervous” with activity and a high level hazard.

Did the earthquake in Venezuela cause damage to oil installations? Whether the cause or not, it is likely that the uncertainty cause oil price rises. According to the horoscopes this year 2010 is the year of the tiger. It looks like this tiger is very wild, just entering it has been just a misfortune after another one.
Now when Cuba sends a bunch of doctors to help Venezuela with the damage caused by the earthquake, who would care for the sick Cubans? Probably the medical students.

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